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Vision Stories may express

  • Personal visions – our own futures 
  • Personal visions – when we  build cathedrals
  • how we want our organisations/our teams/groups/families to perform.

Bear these possibilities in mind, when reading the following story from Armenia. 

King Peter and Millie 

Once upon a time . . .

King Peter of Armenia had a beautiful daughter, Millie. When she was born, he wanted to care and guard her so she would know nothing of the world and never love anyone but himself.  For her sole use – with only female servants and a woman teacher – he had a lovely palace built on a lonely island in the middle of a dark forbidding lake.  This palace had no windows looking outwards and only the king had a key to the outer door.  He visited her once a week, for three hours, on Sundays.


But Millie grew up.  And, when she was 18, she began to think for herself.  She knew she had learned about life but only from books. And she knew she was a woman.  But, she wondered, what did that make her father? Fear had kept her servants silent. But, pitying her, her woman teacher brought her a book. And Millie realised she was in prison.


So, copying the images in the book, she made a young man out of flour, eggs and butter and milk. And, weeping, she prayed to God for a soul to fill the beautiful young man with Life. The image was given a soul and Millie called him Michael. The woman teacher brought him clothes. Apart from Millie – only she knew of his existence. And the two young people fell in love.


Then, one Sunday, they slept over long in the morning, and King Peter arrived.  Millie’s father came upon his daughter with a young man sleeping by her side and was enraged.He had been to so much trouble and expense to prevent precisely this. He ordered their executions.


As Millie stood on the block, about to die, she said:  “I made the young man standing beside me – he has no family and no ties. I made him by myself. And this was my wish – I have loved and been loved. If you kill me, father, I have no regrets.”


King Peter could indeed find no evidence that the young man was human. So he relented because he truly loved his daughter. In reparation, he gave the young couple a new home and his blessing.  And they all lived happily ever after.


Sharing learnings

What are the visions here?

Where is the conflict?

Who changes their vision?

Why is one vision so powerful?


Reflective Writing

Write down learnings from this story which you could apply in your daily and professional life?


  1. What is your vision and how do these learnings change it?
  2. What commitments are you making to your vision?
  3. What actions will you take when you leave?

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