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Safety in journalling relies on many things. If you are careless with where you keep your journal, someone else may read it, confidentiality is out of the window and – in worst cases – you can feel violated, sometimes sufficiently so as to require full-blown counselling! 


But safety derives from other considerations as well. The free-write can take you places that surprise you but you may not feel quite ready for that freedom. The trick is to protect yourself with regard to structure, pace and containment. 


And one of the safest ways of journalling – if you find the free-write too unstructured at the moment – is a response to a sentence stem. If you want further to restrict your response, set yourself time limits and remember response to a statement stem such as ‘I am …..’ engages the brain. But if you feel a little braver, try a question which engages the heart. Such as ‘Who am I . . .? 

Try these springboard sentence stems and review your reactions:

  1. How do I feel right now? (Three words?)
  2. Today I feel ———– (5? 15? 55?)
  3. I want to achieve these three things . . . . (today, this year, during my lifetime)
  4. What resources do I have to achieve what I want?
  5. What resources do I need to achieve what I want?
  6. I have received . . . from the world today?
  7. What has the world given me today?
  8. I am proud of myself because . . .
  9. I am . . .
  10. Who am I?

Have a go!

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