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A new roadshow workshop series is being planned for the Autumn, dates and places to be announced.  Entitled Communication for Families in Crisis, these workshops will examine the difficulties faced by mothers, fathers, adult children, grandparents and extended families when divorce or separation are on the cards. And they will provide opportunities for self-reflection and improving communication skills in a safe and supportive environment. Contact me for further information or to book your workshop.

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Read the Story of the Seal Wife

Now Consider:

1) Are there moral issues in this story? What are they? This story is told from the viewpoint of the Seal Wife. Usually, it is told from the viewpoint of the fisherman. How would this alter the moral issues?

2) Memory – Think of a story from your own life – it may contain a setting similar or contrasting to the Isle of Berneray, and characters such as the fisherman or the seal wife, and dwell on the theme of  loneliness. Loneliness – when have you felt lonely? Where is the loneliest place you have been to? Do you remember how you felt and what you did about it?

3) Where do  you feel you belong – where are your roots? Relate the concept of belonging to the story. Relate to your own story. Can you translate this story to your society, your times?  What can you change? How can you improve your current story? Tell your new story.

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The Seal Wife: A traditional Hebridean Tale retold by Lizzie Gates

Every year, on the Isle of Berneray South of Harris in the Hebrides, young seal people – selkies – leave the sea. For one day only, we take off our sealskins, and dance on the white sands at the water’s edge. We laugh and run and feel a freedom we do not know in our own form. We play at being humans. And – although only for one day – it feels good.

But, for many generations, our seal mothers and fathers have told us, “Beware the humans who live on these wild islands. They long to be like us – to survive in the sea and know no cold – to play in our world as we can in theirs.”

But we – being young – are not afraid.  We always believe we will win. But – oh, my children – now I must tell you the story of how I almost lost you. And of the other grief which came to me instead. (more…)

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