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Dear Everyone

As well as Advent, the first week in December 2012 saw the first Lonely Furrow Company monthly mailing to a new and exclusive on-line Memoir & Journaling Group.  These mailings contain guidance, hints & tips about keeping a journal (and other therapeutic writing practices), Q&As and discussion quotes.  There are also opportunities for postings by group members (anonymised with a ‘penname’ and real names known only to me, as the group’s professional facilitator). Confidentiality is assured. The group’s function in the reading of postings is to bear witness, not to judge or criticise either the writing or the life of the person who’s posting. And games, assignments and prompts follow weekly.

The system is entirely flexible – with people joining, dropping out when life’s like that, and re-joining when they feel able. And there are only two deadlines involved in the M&J group:

  1. Express a wish to participate by 21st of the month and I can organise the monthly invoice for £10 and put you on the monthly ‘email’ list for the following month. (Prompt payment really appreciated.)
  2. Send anything you wish to share by 15th of the month and your ‘penname’. (Sharing is entirely optional but has benefits.) (I am the moderator for what is included in the posting).

I’d be delighted if you felt you could join us and please do pass on the details of this group to anyone else who could benefit. If you have further questions, of course, contact me via the website (or email: elizabeth@lonelyfurrowcompany.com ) and I do hope you feel as excited as I am about this group – which is now a thriving entity.

It even has its own Facebook page for a public interface when appropriate. Please visit and ‘like’ if you can.
Thank you
Kindest regards

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